Great fun was had this week by children exploring the Eastern End of Yateley Common as part of our summer fun adventure trail, the trail which could be followed using clues or for the more adventurous by map reading led participants around the woodlands, heathlands and grasslands in the vicinity of The Gravel Pit Pond at the Eastern end of the Common. 32 children took part in the trail and where able to undertake activities such as scavenger hunts as well as looking out for Fairies and Gnomes that were hiding amongst the trees along the route, back at the start/end the children were able to follow a blindfold trail, find their way through a maze and learn about compasses.  

At the end every participant went home with their very own compass and a short guide on compasses. One little boy was so pleased with his gift he said “Wow, I’ve always wanted a compass!”

This activity, the third of our 4 summer fun activities allowed us to make use of some of the things we find on the Common; The maze was created using wood collected during winter tree and scrub removal which will now be cut up and sold as fire wood and the blindfold trail made use of tyres which were dumped on the common only last week.  Whilst fly-tipping is unsightly, sometimes dangerous and costly to remove we do at least try and make use of items when and where we can rather than just dispose of them.

We are now looking forward to next weeks Summer Fun activity: Nature Detectives Pond dipping

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This weeks Bug Hunt Bingo Event was great fun.  18 children explored the weird and wonderful world of mini-beasts, looking in different habitats around the Wyndham’s Pool Area to find out what insects lived where. Each child had their very own bug hunt bingo card and were able to tick off the creepy-crawlis as they found them.  As well as the usual woodlice, spiders and beetles the children got a close up view of a Speckled Wood Butterfly, a Blue Damselfly, and a Large Cranefly.  At the end we tested everyones knowledge of insects with a true or false running game and everyone one went home with a magnifying insect pot and a basic bugs at home booklet so that they can explore their own gardens.

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This weeks Summer fun event was a great success with 22 children attending.

The session started with a chat about how people used to live in the area back in the stone-age before there were supermarkets and houses, then the children got to play at Hunter-gathering, carrying their spears across the heathlands searching for deer and looking out for other sources of food before building their own shelters in the woods.

There was some excellent craftsmanship, and some amazing shelters were created. We then tested each of the shelters for comfort, strength to withstand attack and waterproofness.  Many of the children enjoyed sitting in their shelters while the tests were carried out resulting in various degrees of wetness.

Great fun was had by all!

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This was the first event in this summers programme of fun activities on Yateley Common, yet to come are Bug Hunt Bingo, Adventure Trail and Nature Detectives pond dipping.

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Another great morning out on Yateley Common, this month 7 Sunday Conservation Volunteers helped to install a new handrail on the steps at Wyndham’s Pool -this was a replacement for the hand rail removed last month when the old steps were replaced by newer wider steps, some of the volunteers also helped with cutting back overgrowth along one of paths near the pond and removal of floating Pennywort from the marsh at the southern end of Wyndham’s pool.  Everyone work very hard and did a great job.IMAG0741 IMAG0749 IMAG0750












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