Another great morning out on Yateley Common, this month 7 Sunday Conservation Volunteers helped to install a new handrail on the steps at Wyndham’s Pool -this was a replacement for the hand rail removed last month when the old steps were replaced by newer wider steps, some of the volunteers also helped with cutting back overgrowth along one of paths near the pond and removal of floating Pennywort from the marsh at the southern end of Wyndham’s pool.  Everyone work very hard and did a great job.IMAG0741 IMAG0749 IMAG0750











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The latest Out & About poster on our noticeboards

In a world where people are increasingly detached from the natural world, conservation volunteering is a great way to become more involved with the protection and preservation of our green spaces.

I volunteer with my local countryside rangers not only because it makes a change from the usual, monotonous routine of school, homework and revision, but also because it makes me feel like I am personally making a positive and valuable contribution to the state of the natural world which I care so much about.

I try to get along once a month to volunteer on Yateley Common, with the Yateley Society and one of the local rangers. Our tasks vary throughout the season from habitat management to installing dragon’s teeth in the car parks. It is a fantastic experience and although nice weather cannot always be guaranteed, tea and biscuits can! Current affairs are a hot topic of conversation while we work and it’s always good to hear other people’s views, as well as being able to voice my own.

Image           Written by Josie Hewitt (Aged 15)

Our Summer Activities are now available to book on call 01252 870425 or email

Our Summer Activities are now available to book on call 01252 870425 or email

Following the great works by the Conservation Volunteers on Sunday in which 8 old steps were removed and replaced by new wider steps, having become old and eroded, the Thursday Volunteers helped to remove and replace the last step today. The hand rail which was removed during the works will be replaced shortly.  Thanks to everyone who helped out, the steps are looking much better!



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