From Tuesday 31st May Wyndham’s Pool Car Park will be CLOSED to the public for approximately 7 weeks whilst essential works to repair Wyndham’s Dam are carried out.

During this period access along Wyndham’s track, off Cricket Hill Lane, will be limited to residents only and the bridleway running across the dam will also remain closed. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time, but appreciate your patience and support during these essential works.

Alternative parking is available at Stroud Pond and the Gravel Pit car parks off the A30 and at Heathlands Cemetery off Steven’s Hill.

Should you need any further information during this time, please contact 01252 870425 or

Photo: Wyndham’s Pool Dam in need of repair

Wyndham's Dam

Wyndham’s Pool is a man-made pool dating back in some form to the 17th/18th Century. During the Second World War it was drained so as not to be used as a visual guide by invading bombers. After the War, the current dam was rebuilt and the pool refilled. The existing dam is comprised of sand and gravel with a concrete capping.

In recent years investigations have concluded that the that the embankment might deteriorate over time and following extended periods of heavy rainfall  it has been known to overtop with leaks forming  in the face of the dam, the bridleway crossing the dam has subsequently been closed for some time now and these works will allow it to re-open.

The works will involve installing metal sheet piles to the pool side of the dam to reinforce the existing structure. There will also be associated tree works in the immediate area to allow for this to happen with the car park area being used by the contractors.

The remedial works to the dam is supported by Natural England and the Tree Officer for Hart DC whom have been consulted during the process of applying for a planning consent.



This month is the National Tree Councils “ Walk in the Woods” festival, an opportunity to appreciate trees, woodland and the amazing plants and animals found there. Please follow this link for more information There are many education events, guided walks and talks to get involved with or you may simply like to enjoy the trees in the area or street you live in.

herbert3 photo by Neill Bruce

As our contribution to this festival, the North team would like to encourage you to discover and explore our woodland sites to appreciate the fabulous, trees plants and animals there. In particular, we would like raise awareness of our sites Zebon Copse and Herbert plantation.

At Zebon Copse we have been working with our dedicated volunteers, we have removed holly and felled birch trees to allow light to reach the woodland floor. This has allowed many wild woodland flowers such as Blue Bells, Wood Anemones and evening primrose to bloom. We have also coppiced many of our hazel tree stools which will extend the life of the woodland for generations to come and provide great habitats for animals and insects.

At Herbert plantation we have maintained historical pathways, rides and glades for you to enjoy. Herbert plantation has some ancient Oaks, Douglas Firs and other interesting species such as Common spotted Orchids, Dog Violets and butterflies. Additionally there is a well maintained Rhododendron Walk established in the late 17th century for you to enjoy.

These sites are great to visit, have good access and well sign posted pathways for you to explore. Through out this summer we can offer: conservation volunteering events, Additionally, our website has maps, information and links to other related events and sites. These can be found at

Spring Trail poster 2016

To Book visit:

This coming Sunday, the 1st May is International Dawn Chorus Day.  Held annually on the first Sunday of May this day is aimed at making people more aware of the birds in our countryside and encouraging people to rise early and get out to enjoy the wonderful chorus of birds, which is best heard in the spring when song birds start to sing with the breaking of Dawn.

This awareness day first started by the Urban Wildlife Trust in 1984 at Moseley Bog in Birmingham and has since grown to be a national and international day with events being held by different organisation across the world.

In the past we have joined in this day by organising an event on Castle Bottom Nature Reserve but due to lack of interest in previous years, this year we have decided not to organising a walk, but if you are interested in getting ‘up with the lark’ and hearing the Dawn Chorus locally why not visit the International Dawn Chorus Website for more information:



The 22nd April is the 46th Earth Day, organised by the Earth Day Network. The aim of Earth Day is to encourage people all around the world to get involved with looking after the Earth. This can be through a variety of projects, such as planting trees, recycling, saving energy as well as many more.

The first Earth Day in 1970 activated 20 million Americans, now more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day from all around the world. You can find more details and ideas for how to help and get involved at The next 5 years will each have a major goal as their countdown to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

 “On their own and together, these initiatives will make a significant and measurable impact on the Earth and will serve as the foundation of a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for all.”

Unfortunately we are having to make the difficult decision to cancel today’s Easter Trail on Yateley Common, I realise this will leave some very unhappy children and I am very sorry to have to make this decision but we do not feel that it would be safe to risk going ahead with the event in these weather conditions.

We apologies for any inconvenience, and have emailed all those who have booked on the event with further details.


Easter Trail Poster 2016

If you have attended this event in previous years, please note the change in location for this years Easter Trail event.


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