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Hampshire County Council has made an application to the Planning Inspectorate for permission to erect fencing on Yateley Common.  This fencing is required to enable the reintroduction of grazing animals at Yateley – a traditional and sustainable method of conservation management.  Because the land is formally registered as a Common, permission for the fencing from the Secretary of State (through the Planning Inspectorate) is required.  The Planning Inspectorate will ensure that the correct balance is struck between the works necessary for the positive management of the common, and maintaining commoners and other users’ rights.

Hampshire County Council has worked closely with Natural England to ensure best practice is followed in maintaining and enhancing the biodiversity and recreational value of the Common. Natural England indicated positive support for the introduction of livestock on the Common, and following this support Hampshire County Council undertook community engagement and consultation.   The consultation considered management techniques available for the heath, including grazing, burning, mowing and turf stripping, and grazing was the preferred option. The fencing requirement needed in order to introduce livestock safely and enable their effective management, was then considered.

The County Council’s Executive Member gave permission for the application to be made in December 2013 and, since then, much work has gone into its preparation.  The application has now been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and, in accordance with the legal requirements, notices have been placed on site and in the press, and interested parties have been contacted.

Members of the public have until February 27th to make their views known to the Planning Inspectorate.  A copy of the notice and further information can be found at Yateley Library or be viewed online at http://t.co/i2THXWLoiu (Please not that within the appendicies all underlined links will direct you to documentation for the PINS application)

Join The Big Spring Clean 2015, and help give Yateley Common a good litterpick!

Join The Big Spring Clean 2015, and help give Yateley Common a good litterpick!


Any one interested in taking part, please contact Jean at northern.sites@hants.gov.uk or telephone 01252 870425,  as I am trying to spread volunteers out across the whole of the Common and will designate different starting points accordingly.

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Over the last few weeks our Rangers have been busy  replacing the old steps on Castle Bottom NNR with an extension to the existing boardwalk.

The boardwalk which takes visitors from one side of the stream and mire, helps make the slopes on either side a little easier, and this autumn with the help of our Thursday volunteer we have extended it up the slope on the Blackbushe end of site, replacing the old and eroded steps.

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We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful things that make the Rangers happy, 100days and 100photos -showing you some of the activities we do on our sites with the help of our great volunteers and some of the beautiful wildlife there is to see!

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Our forth and final Summer Fun activity on Wednesday was another great success!

In total 20 children took part in the session and helped Rangers investigate the murder of Derek the Duck who was found lying close to Stroud pond -the children’s mission was to pond dip in search of possible culprits in the watery habitat but also to discuss other possible culprits who might be found on land.

Those taking part explored the banks of Stroud pond and were able to use the pond dipping platform which was installed in 2012 -the platform was designed to sit low in the water, often remaining submerged, so that during drier periods  children can continue pond dipping even when water levels drop too low for dipping from the banks.

Amongst the beasties found were dragonfly nymphs, Diving beetle larvae, diving beetles, water boatmen and a newt.

At the end the children considered their findings, voted on possible culprits and then on further investigation of the crime scene found that Derek had been killed by litter left on the Common. Everyone had great fun, with some children getting right down into the mud in search of creatures!

At the end all our investigators went away with a magnifying glass so they can continue their nature detective investigation in the future!



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