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Yateley Common 

Join us 10am -1pm on the last Sunday of every month

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Yateley Common, Big Spring Clean 2016, Event Poster

Firstly -Happy New Year! We wish you all the best for 2016, and hope you continue to enjoy the countryside throughout the changing seasons.

Every year we seem to be able to say what a busy year we have had and 2015 was no different.

In 2015 we saw the loss of our Senior Ranger, Ian Stoneman, who left for pasteurs new after 13 years with the Yateley Common team. As we continue to undergo a staff review his position as Senior Ranger will not be being replaced and managers are currently working on a new staffing structure which should come into action early 2016.

With reduced staff and stretched resources, our small team, currently made up of 3 positions (4 members of staff) along with the support of an invaluable team of volunteers have been working hard to maintain all of the sites managed by the north area team including Yateley Common Country Park, Castle Bottom NNR, Zebon Copse LNR, Herbert Plantation, Beacon Hill etc…

Along with our regular maintenance and habitat management of the sites we have continued to offer education, walks and talks to local schools, groups and the community. We have put on events such as the Big Spring Clean, the Easter Trail and Nightjar Walks, and have worked with colleagues in the Rights of Way Team to improve Bridleway access onto the Common.  We have continued to monitor species across our sites, through bird, reptile, butterfly, and dragonfly surveys.

We continue to seek out and improve how we communicate with the local community -maintaining a Twitter, Facebook and Flickr account, as well as posting photos to google maps, maintaining a website and blog, and managing a friends group to whom we send quarterly newsletters.

Works and planning for 2016 are already well under way and we hope to be able to update you on all our activities throughout the year!


Here is a quick glance back at 2015:



The trees in these areas are going to be removed in order to restore the areas to heathland, re-creating the open character and landscape of the Common. Works are part of an ongoing heathland management programme and are approved and funded through Natural England’s Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) scheme.


The map below shows the locations of the felling works which are around Wyndham’s Pond, near The Flats and on that part of the common near Blackbushe airport.

It is important that this is done for several reasons:

  1. Lowland heathland – the type of habitat found on Yateley Common – is highly threatened, considered by some conservationists to be more endangered than rainforests!
  2. To restore and preserve the open character of the landscape, which is of value to many users of the Common.
  3. Many special plants, birds, insects and reptiles rely on the heathland habitats found on the Common, the species and habitat for which the site is protected and designated.

Historically, Yateley Common was an open landscape with few trees and traditional uses of the Common, such as gorse coppicing, grazing and birch cutting prevented trees and scrub from dominating the landscape.

HospitalWyndhams south

In the absence of these activities, tree removal and scrub control work is necessary, carried out by staff, contractor and volunteers alike, all working to preserve the open character of this important heathland site.Wyndhams east

If you have any queries about Yateley Common Country Park, then please call the Rangers on 01252 870425 or e-mail us at

christmas card 2015

Our annual Christmas Trees for conservation event was a great success with 79 people joining us out on Yateley Common to help with heathland scrub management before enjoying a hot drink and searching for their Scots Pine Christmas Tree.  We hope everyone who joined us found a lovely tree to brighten up their Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!




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