This annual celebration of bats encourages organisations to run bat events for the public all over the country. It is organised by EUROBATS The aim of the night is to get people across the country and world to see and hear bats in their natural environment. You can search for events near you on the Bat Conservation Trusts website

The event is also a way to get the public to better understand the important role of bats in the ecosystem, and encourage their conservation. Bats are an important species for natural control of agricultural pests, pollination of plants and seed distribution. Bats have almost no natural enemies, but face numerous threats, all related to human activity. Habitat loss due to deforestation, changes in building style, and overhunting for bush meat are among them. In the UK, loss of suitable habitat is one of the biggest threats to bats.

If you like to learn more about bats or have the chance to see or hear one, find a walk near you on the bat conservation trust website. Their website also includes information on how to make your garden suitable for bats. Making your garden bat friendly could boost the size of their habitat.


Pokémon Go is a popular mobile game which was released in the UK last week.  The app lets players roam a map using their phone’s GPS location data and catch virtual characters to train and battle at real world locations.

A number of the County Council’s public sites are Pokémon sites including country parks. Like any visitor to our sites, we welcome Pokémon players to visit these public areas, to get active and enjoy our open spaces.

If you are playing Pokémon Go on our sites, make sure you keep aware of your surroundings to stay safe. Remember there may be other people just around the corner, also keep an eye out for wildlife crossing paths ahead. Paths themselves may be uneven or have dog poo on, so watch where you’re putting your feet. Please make sure to play in a safe and considerate manner and don’t put yourself or others at risk.

It’s also important to stay safe online, and the NSPCC have issued guidance for parents for keeping children safe on Pokémon Go.

pokemon go

This month, 15th July – 7th August why not join in the national Big Butterfly Count.  Butterflies are an animal we can all spot easily when out in the countryside or just in our own gardens and with only a limited number that you could possibly be looking at they are easy to identify too!

Over 52,000 people took part in 2015, counting over 580,000 individual butterflies and day-flying moths across the UK

For more information about the Big Butterfly Count visit: and do your bit to map Britain’s Butterflies!

butterfly count

Yateley Common, Summer fun Events poster, 2016

To Book go to:

National Insect Week, organised by the Royal Entomological Society every 2 years, encourages people of all ages to learn more about insects. There are different events to get involved with all over the country, you can search for one near you on their website

Insects are all around us and very important to all habitats, why not try bug hunting in your garden? Try looking under sticks and logs for woodlice or centipedes. Try shaking a tree branch over an old white sheet to see if any spiders, beetles of flies fall off. You could also try turning out outside light on once it’s dark to see if any moths come to it.

If you would like to explore for insects further afield, we are running a bug hunt as one of our summer fun events on the 10th August on Yateley Common. We will be trying lots of different techniques for finding insects, why not come along and help us hunt? Keep an eye out on our website to book your place.

Please note we have 2 Nightjar Walks this Summer, to book on either event please visit:

Nightjar walk Castle Bottom 2016_(HF000011418074)  Yateley Common Nightjar walk 13th July Poster 2016

Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place at the start of June. It celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK. More information about this event can be found at

We would like to help celebrate the amazing works carried out by all our volunteers who generously give up their time to help look after our Hampshire Countryside by showcasing some of the great photos taken in the last few years:

A big thank you to everyone who helps!

27apr14-new-dragons-teeth-cricketers-green-2014-photo-by-graeme-tucker_15253251236_o - Copy 15089694657_068371866b_o 15091519210_145f7ae209_o 15091645358_05e5e5a53e_o 15253250486_449d43fa2f_o 18898764863_4ab1eefc8b_oimg_0897_19493749526_oPicture 02815275095561_a8aa147ed6_o15276247905_30a1c3ca2e_o  18897324684_843e365ec2_oGurkha work party 17th April, 2012 034Gurkha work party 17th April, 2012 043Gurkha work party 17th April, 2012 098IMG_0584imag0488_19332245508_o - CopyJordanP1010326Picture 029stepssteps-before-june-2014-photo-by-graeme-tucker_15089548730_ostroud-pond-dipping-platform-installation-yateley-common-country-park-ranger-jean-november-2011_6515872237_ostroud-pond-dipping-platform-installation-yateley-common-ranger-jean-november-2011_6520100185_ostroud-pond-dipping-platform-installation-yateley-common-ranger-jean-november-2011_6520100195_oSunday vols Scrub clearance behind gravel pit 014Sunday vols Scrub clearance behind gravel pit 016sunday-conservation-volunteer-work-party-yateley-common-country-park-ranger-jean-october-2011_6515846603_otree cutting photo

If you are interested in becoming a Conservation Volunteer either at one of our monthly or weekly work parties contact us at email: or Tel: 01252 870425